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I like swing sets, bearded irises, and root beer floats on sunny days and when I have the time and a cooperative muse I dabble a little in writing. Everyone seems to be moving from mailing lists to live journals so I created one of my own. I've been horrible at updating in the past but that was before I found Kyou Kara Maou. ;)

I should probably warn that I enjoy reading and writing slash and on occasion there may be some explicit language or sexual situations. I should also warn that I often watch dubs, have seen most of my anime on Adult Swim, and although I've adored Mona Marshall as Wolfram from the start (my first introduction to Kyou Kara Maou was in English), I must say that Mitsuki Saiga is absolutely, marvelously incredible. Wolfram von Bielefeld has fast become my favorite and is a character towards whom I'm incredibly (and unrepentantly) biased. (I also harbor soft spots for Gwendal and Hube and I think Anissina is one of the best females in anime ever.)

I've also decided that Konrad Weller is the worst canon Mary Sue I've ever seen. :D

If none of this bothers you and you'd like to friend me, go right ahead; you don't need to ask. If I recognize your name, we've shared a word or two online anywhere, and it looks like we have a few common interests, chances are I will probably friend you back.

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