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I just run out of things to say

I've been mostly missing in action from LJ, but I saw this and…

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Wolfram and Yuuri
I've been mostly missing in action from LJ, but I saw this and thought I'd do it for the months when I did post. Some months were mostly fanfiction posts so it took a while to find ones that weren't!

Take the first line or paragraph from one entry per month in your LJ and copy them all into a new post to show everyone what your year was like.

I feel guilty for abandoning my claim at 1sentence as I was enjoying it very much, but I regretfully became disillusioned.

I've forgotten how addictive conversation hearts are.

Tomorrow's forecast: Party sunny and 54°F. It just might be swing set weather, but I've a feeling I should be prepared for wet seats and lots of mud after the past two days.

It was rather windy yesterday and not as warm as I'd hoped, but spring is definitely in the air and it was nice to take a walk through the park, even if there wasn't an empty swing to be found. =) I always feel more cheerful after Daylight Savings Time begins and there is more sunshine streaming through the windows in the evening.

KKM 65! It's slowed down at 75% but with luck I'll be watching it today. The last time I downloaded something via torrent it took two days of leaving my computer on overnight.

I'm very happy to see Paranoia Agent has returned to Adult Swim. It's a lot more fun watching it the second time around to see if I can make the connections I missed during the first viewing. I can't help wondering what Gwendal would make of Maromi.

It rained during nearly all of March and April. It rained the majority of days in May. It rained more than half the days in June (and on every single Saturday). Nearby neighborhoods have been evacuated due to floods.

There's a Panera Bread uptown and I've never been able to get there early enough to pick up an egg souffle, but I did today. It was heavenly - the eggs were so fluffy and light and the cheese really complemented it well.

A chance bout of insomnia and a dislike of the cartoon Minoriteam had me stumbling over a bit of news that I was sure was either a prank or something I'd misread, but now I am still a bit in shock over reading of Steve Irwin's passing. The man seemed immortal.

I probably shouldn't be rooting for a team that has made it to the World Series so often, but Go, A-Rod! Donald Trump looks terribly out of place sitting in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. He seems bored.

Later today I shall have to go through the Ouran ficlet I posted last night and edit, but I know if I'd done that last night I'd have forgotten it completely and never posted it. I'd dearly love to sit and work on some of the drabbles and ficlets I owe everyone, but this time of year isn't terribly conducive to long stretches of free time.
  • It's so good to see you posting. I always enjoy seeing you around in LJ. I hope you won't be away too long. ^_^
    • Thank you! I never plan on being away for very long but things always seem to work out that way.

      It's great to see you, too!
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