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Go, GW, for stagesoflove

Title: Go
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Author: Ellie Biel
Characters/pairing: Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell
Warnings: I had half an hour left to write this by the time I finished the last one, so this one is a little different from what I'd envisioned. I also wrote it while sitting on the edge of my seat and feeling like I never ever wanted to write for stagesoflove again. =)
Part 1: Shuttlecock, Part 2: It's the Thought That Counts, Part 3: Breaking the Ice, Part 4: At the Touch of a Button

Heero had meant it when he'd told Duo he was no coward. If he was the type who was afraid to act on impulse now and again he would never have dropped the elephant sized hint that he was interested in getting to know Duo. He didn't judge a person on physical attraction alone, but there had been something about Duo last week. He'd been smiling, and his body language around Relena had been relaxed, casual, and not intimate in the way that suggested they were more than friends or would ever be more than friends.

Handing his keys off to Wufei had been just as impulsive, but he'd been reluctant to end their date - and it was, as he'd told Wufei, definitely a date. They reached a traffic intersection and waited.

"How long have you-"

"Where do you-"

They spoke at the same time, in a rush, and Heero smiled and shook his head. "You first."

"How long have you known Wufei?"

Heero rubbed his chin. "We've known each other for a while, but we've only been friends, if that's what you're asking, for a couple of years. We didn't exactly travel in the same social circles."

"Relena and I have known each other since junior high. She had a locker next to mine and she could never get it open." Duo motioned in the air as if turning dialing a combination. "Sometimes you just need the right touch."

Heero's eyes were still on Duo's fingers. They were long and slender, a piano player's hands - or, he thought with a touch of amusement, a flutist's.

He realized he was staring and shook his head. "Where do you live?" he asked, moving his gaze back to Duo's face and hoping he didn't look too guilty.

Duo looked a little embarrassed. "Not very far," he hedged.

Heero knew he probably shouldn't be feeling this pleased, but he couldn't help it. If Duo lived too far to walk, that meant he'd really, really wanted to spend more time with Heero. At least he hoped that's what it meant and not something like Duo was embarrassed to show Heero where he lived.

"I was on the track team," Heero said as the light indicated that the pedestrians had the right of way. "I'll leave it to you to decide if it was for speed or distance."

Duo had to bite his tongue to keep from embarrassing himself with a very lame attempt at sexual humor. He was trying to impress Heero, not prove he was like any other guy desperate to get laid. He compromised and went with a compliment about Heero's legs instead.

"What about you? Any varsity letters hiding in your closet?"

"Me? Are you kidding?"

Heero looked over at him as they walked. "No," he said quietly. "I'm not."

No one had ever looked at Duo, with hair down to his ass, and assumed he might have been athletic, even if he'd had a good build and a bit of muscle definition on his arms. A musician, a hippy, an artist, or a rebel - those had been on the list, but never an athlete.

"Yeah," he admitted. "Baseball."

They turned the corner and paused to look at a window display.

"I probably shouldn't admit how much I want to say something about bases and home runs."

"Nah, Heero, you can tell me anything. I've heard it all and you might not believe this, but half of it from Relena."

Heero looked thoughtful. "I'd believe it if you told me."

He meant it. He wasn't even sure why; he barely knew Duo, at least not in the conventional sense. You couldn't eat with someone and meet his best friend without learning at least something. He'd known that he could get away with a small hint that he was definitely interested in Duo physically, if the whole sucking-the-birdie routine hadn't suggested as much last week.

It had tasted terrible, too - not the mayonnaise but the dirt that had come with it. It gave him a chill down his spine just thinking about the way it had crunched between his teeth. It had been worth it, though.

"So, Heero, why badminton?"

Heero watched their reflection in the glass. "With some sports it's about strength and skill. With badminton, it's something anyone can play, and that means that being the best means that you have to be able to beat them all. With finesse."

"You beat them all yet?"

"No, but I've won a few."

Duo cleared his throat. "What about last week?"

Heero met Duo's eyes in the glass. "I definitely came out ahead."

The light at the corner changed, and there was an audible, muffled click as it went from green to yellow, and another as it changed to red.

"So," Heero said, turning away from the window to lean back against it. "Where do you live?"

"A couple of miles, thatta way," he said, gesturing down the street. "What about you?"

"Would you let me walk you home if I said it was in the opposite direction?"

"No," Duo said, "but I'd walk you home instead."

"Would you? You don't even know me."

Heero hadn't meant to put his thoughts out there in plain English. Dating was an art, or a dance, and he was simply sweeping all the rules he knew to the side and cutting to the chase.

"I know enough," Duo said.


Duo grinned. "You begging for compliments Heero? I know enough but...not as well as I'd like to."

The muffled click sounded in the background.

"One more question," Heero said, holding up three fingers. "Scout's honor."

Duo nodded.

"You kiss on the first date?"

Duo laughed. "Were you ever even a boy scout?"

"No." Heero looked amused. "But I believe in being prepared."

"Well, Heero, I gotta tell you, there we might have a problem." He pressed his hand against the glass next to Heero's shoulder. "Because I'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda guy."

"Yeah?" It came out as a whisper, a sigh, a soft exhalation.

"Look," Duo said, pointing to the reflection in the glass. "It's no mistletoe and it's not Saint Patrick's Day, but, you know..."

Heero swallowed, and he felt his heart slam against his chest as Duo pushed away from the window. He'd been so sure Duo was about to kiss him, too.

"Hey, Heero."


Duo leaned close to his ear and nibbled it lightly. "With the right guy, I do a lot more than kiss on the first date."

Heero was really glad he didn't live as far from the park as Duo did, because they were inside the door in just under ten minutes.

Duo's tongue was in his mouth in ten and a half, and his hands found themselves under Duo's shirt in eleven.

When Duo talked to Relena the next day, she never did find out what happened after twelve.

Fair was fair, however. She never did tell Duo why her car, her pride and joy, never made it home that night either.
Tags: gundam wing, heero/duo
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