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More Than Skin Deep, KKM, for stagesoflove

Title: More Than Skin Deep
Author: Ellie Biel
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters/pairing: Yuuri Shibuya/Wolfram von Bielefeld
Rating: PG
Warnings: spoilers ahoy
Part 1 (Sight): More Than He Needed to Know
Part 2 (Hearing): Counting Sheep
Part 3 (Touch): Any Second Now

Wolfram didn't know why he bothered coming here. It wasn't like he had any interest in this weird obsession of Yuuri's, other than making sure that all the time Weller spent with him at the field wasn't anything inappropriate.

The two of them couldn't be trusted together. Yuuri was an unfaithful wimp and all he had to do was turn those soulful eyes on Weller to get whatever he wanted, and as the ball field came into view, Wolfram bristled as he saw his fiance standing there, in full view of everyone, stripping off his clothes.

His horse's hooves thundered as he tore down onto the field, kicking up tufts of dirt and grass until he drew up in front of the cheater. At least Yuuri had the decency to back up a few steps. This was one time when he wasn't going to deny his crime.

Wolfram's nostrils were flaring as much as the horse's were, and as much as he wanted to glower at Weller, who looked infuriatingly amused, he focused all of his anger at Yuuri.

It was bad enough that he'd been suffering from nightmares on and off, so much so that no matter how much he slept, he still felt tired when he woke up. They were always the same, a disturbing montage of images, starting with Konrad's arm, bloody and separated from his missing body, to finding Yuuri hanging by his fingertips over the edge of a cliff.

In his dreams he never made it there in time, just seconds too late, his fingers not even brushing Yuuri's before he was gone.

The past few mornings he'd been waking up with Yuuri's arm or leg draped over him and the rest of the wimp taking up half the bed. It was no wonder he was so tired lately.

That was the only reason he wasn't already off his horse and dragging Yuuri away by his ear. He dismounted and stood there, arms folded, and glared at Yuuri for all he was worth.

"Hey, Wolfram." Yuuri laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. "You..." he glanced over at Weller, as if asking his permission, and it made Wolfram's fingers itch to summon the elements of flame and burn that indulgent smile right off his half-brother's face.

"...want to play?" Yuuri finished.

What a stupid question. Of course he didn't. "Who is on your team?" he asked, his gaze never leaving Konrad's.

"Well, there's Dorcas, over there," Yuuri pointed, and Dorcas pointed at himself, looking confused, nervous, and a little proud of himself, too. If he hadn't already lost his hair Wolfram would have happily ignited it for him.

He realized Yuuri had finished naming his teammates and the one name he'd been most interested in hadn't been mentioned. He didn't appreciate - not very much, anyway - Konrad smiling and saying no, he was on the opposing team.

Wolfram's eyes narrowed. Did that mean there would be more opportunities for the two of them to touch each other?

"Where are your clothes?" That was another thing his fiance had a habit of. Outside of the bath, there was no reason for him to flaunt his body to the entire kingdom.

"We're playing shirts and skins until the other set of uniforms are done."


"Shirts and," Yuuri corrected. "You know, to tell the difference between teams."

Wolfram gave him a withering look.

"Hey," Yuuri said brightly. "If you want to play, you'd be on my team."

"I will not take off my clothes." Wolfram sounded aghast.

"But you-" Yuuri shut his mouth. He wasn't about to announce their sleeping arrangements, and Wolfram's lack of modesty as far as clothing went in his bed chambers, to everyone on the field - because at this point, everyone was listening, and not too discreetly. "Fine, Wolfram. Do what you want."

Wolfram had to be imagining the defeated tone of his voice, because Yuuri was passionate when it came to baseball. He hadn't even realized that Yuuri had finished unbuttoning his shirt until it was tossed at him

He wrinkled his nose as he caught it. It smelled, like sweat and mud and Yuuri.

When everyone else turned toward the field, and Wolfram was sure even Weller wasn't looking, he brought the shirt to his face before dropping it on the ground.

His horse kicked up more than a little dirt as he galloped away, partially burying the shirt, but Wolfram had more important things on his mind.

He didn't care what Günter was doing right now. The next thing Wolfram was going to make sure he did was have this second set of uniforms taken care of.

If Yuuri insisted on playing this game, it would be shirts and shirts.
Tags: kyou kara maou, yuuri/wolfram
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