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Two's Company, Gundam Wing, Heero/Duo, for stagesoflove

Title: Two's Company
Author: Ellie Biel
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters/pairing: Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU
Notes: Written for stagesoflove - passion, and the shoe's on the other foot now. And this part in general might not be all that good.
Part 1: Wrong Number
Part 2: Zen Pizza

He'd lived with her long enough and recognized the signs. She was amused.

Oh, she'd been cooperative enough to promise that he'd have the apartment to himself, and with her hair twisted and sloppily pinned to her head instead of in twin braids, it looked like she was going to hit the gym while he entertained his guest.

That didn't mean she was going to make it easy for him.

She stopped in the kitchen with her sports bottle, but instead of going right to the new filter she'd insisted on fitting to the kitchen faucet, she opened the front of the oven and peeked inside, taking a deep whiff before closing it gently.

"What if I'd had a soufflé in there?"

Sally had her back to him as she filled her bottle but he didn't need to see her face to hear her laughter. "If you were going through all the effort of making something like that, I'd make sure I forgot something just so I'd have to come back for it and see who this lucky guy is."

She turned off the tap and screwed the top on the bottle. "On the other hand, I'm surprised. Meatloaf?"

Heero crossed his arms over his chest. "I made it myself."

Sally slung an arm over his shoulder and patted him on the arm. "The way to a man's heart, is it?"

In a way, that's exactly what it was. It was the promise of discounted food - although Sally had assured him it was his charisma and charm - that had lured Duo to the pizza parlor in the first place and given him a chance to ask Duo out. He'd not intended to invite Duo to his apartment, but the local bars and clubs had lost their appeal long ago, and dinner and a movie seemed unimaginative.

He'd not really expected Duo to accept his invitation, however, and that had left him with the options of either calling for pizza delivery or cooking dinner himself. Heero wasn't as worried about the meatloaf as he was about his roommate making good her departure before Duo arrived.

She ruffled his hair before she left and he sighed in relief when the door shut behind her, only to find himself pacing nervously and watching the clock. He couldn't believe he was almost regretting sending Sally out just to have someone to talk to and keep his mind off the fact that this was the first date he'd had in months.

All it took for him to regain his composure and stop pacing was the knock on the door.

"So how was dinner?"

Duo patted his belly appreciatively. "I've got no complaints."

"Wonderful. So, Heero, now that we know it's safe for human consumption, do you mind if I help myself?"

Sally didn't wait for an answer; she was already slicing off a rather large portion with a butter knife followed by a generous ladling of gravy. Duo had taken it rather well, Heero thought, when Sally had returned from the gym with a wink and an innocent "Am I interrupting anything?"

Heero had had to bite his tongue not to add "unfortunately" to the "no" he'd given in reply.

"You should send a thank you card to the trainers," Heero commented as he held his glass out toward her. "They've got to be the ones responsible for you retaining your girlish figure."

Sally grabbed the sprayer and pulled the hose out as far as it would go, taking careful aim and wagging one finger at him. "These are mature womanly curves, and you should be giving all that credit to me." She turned and pointed the sprayer at Duo. "Don't think I didn't hear you snickering. In this apartment anyone is fair game."

Heero had to bite his lip and avoid looking at Duo as he tried to look contrite but she rapped him on the knuckles with the ladle before giving him his glass, now filled with crystal clear water. He was glad she only mouthed "maybe he'll kiss your boo boo" because he might have ignored Duo in that case if only to let Sally know just who was the commander of the water hose in this kitchen.

Sally offered to eat in the living room but Duo would have none of it. In fact, he was completely at ease and chatted amiably with her, shooting an occasional wink in Heero's direction whenever the conversation treaded over the land of double entendre.

It was already getting dark out when Duo said he had to leave, and Heero walked him to the door. He knew that later Sally would be sure to give him a round of applause, while standing, and congratulate him on taking the marketing slogan "Never let them see you sweat" to heart, but right now she was tactfully getting up and moving toward her bedroom, giving them some much needed privacy.

"So," Duo said, his eyes roaming around the apartment but not staying in one place for long.

Heero crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe. "So."

"I had a good time, tonight, Heero. Thanks for inviting me."

"My pleasure."

"So...you think you might like to do this again sometime? Maybe my place?"


"Oh for the love of Pete!" Sally's voice rang out. "Kiss him already!"

The words were directed at Heero, but it was Duo who acted on them, slamming his hand on the doorframe right next to Heero's ear and leaning in to claim his lips.

Heero's eyes slid shut and his hand found Duo's hip as his shoulders slid down the frame a couple of inches. He'd think about strangling Sally later. Or maybe buying her flowers, whatever it was that women considered an appropriate gesture of thanks. He banished all thoughts of his roommate from his mind and put all his attention right where it belonged.

Fortunately Duo had the same idea.
Tags: gundam wing, heero/duo
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