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Any Second Now, KKM, Wolfram/Yuuri, for stagesoflove

Title: Any Second Now
Author: Ellie Biel
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters/pairing: Wolfram von Bielefeld/Yuuri Shibuya
Warnings: spoilers like whoa, especially for episodes 28-31
Notes: Written for stagesoflove exploring the senses - touch, but I'm posting it here as a first draft for now. In the morning I'll try to smooth over the rough spots and will post it over there when it looks less like Frankenstein's Ficlet.

Part 1 - Sight: More Than He Needed to Know
Part 2 - Hearing: Counting Sheep

Yuuri could tick off on his fingers the number of reasons he might find Wolfram's arm around his neck, his fingers clamped painfully on his ear, or his fist against his cheek.

Either Wolfram was jealous, or he was asleep, and with the way Wolfram's knees and elbows often joined the mix during the night, that Wolfram never dreamed of these imagined infidelities, because Yuuri wasn't really keen on waking up with an unattractive rainbow of color across his cheek.

He rubbed his face thoughtfully and looked over at Wolfram, who was, surprisingly and at least for the moment, lying on his side, his knees drawn to his chest and his fingers curled under his chin. It was only a matter of time before his mouth opened wide and he began snoring.

Now that he was back in their bed, things were back to normal. Yuuri waited for it.

It was ridiculous that it was too quiet for him to fall asleep, but he had more than enough room on the bed to stake a claim of his own. Wolfram should be able to handle a dose of his own medicine. The only problem with that logic was that Wolfram wouldn't attempt to avoid intimate contact at all costs, and if Yuuri tried to reclaim the center of the bed, who knew where he'd find Wolfram's hands or feet before morning?

No, Wolfram wouldn't be huddled off to the side trying to make his body as small as possible to avoid brushing of fingers against his far too exposed skin.

Yuuri sat up in bed and looked over at the dark lump on his bed. He had to lean over to make sure the hair touching the pillow really was golden colored, because Wolfram actually was curled into a little ball. At first he reminded Yuuri of a sleeping dog, the little ones that looked innocent but who snarled and yapped at the slightest provocation.

Wolfram wheezed a little and Yuuri plopped back onto his pillows. The snoring would start any second now.

Any second now.

Only it didn't, and Yuuri turned onto his side, propping his head up with his hand and staring at the unmoving mound of blankets. He had to strain to hear it, but when he finally recognized the sound, he sat up again and turned toward Wolfram, crossing his legs so he wouldn't kick him.

If Wolfram wasn't asleep, he was faking it quite well. Yuuri couldn't imagine that someone with Wolfram's temperament could pull it off this long. If he were awake he'd have to know by now that Yuuri was awake and watching him and he'd almost certainly have a few insults to hurl in Yuuri's direction. Even if he didn't want to conceal the fact that he'd been caught he'd be sure to toss at least a couple of "wimps" at him.

Yuuri recognized the sound because he'd made it himself, first when that young boy had died and again after Wolfram had saved him from plunging to his death, at the risk of his own life. It was that sort of dedication that made Yuuri hate his position as the king despite his determination to use his power and influence to make long overdue changes.

Wolfram had pulled him up, and although Yuuri had known how strong he was before merely from being manhandled by his accidental fiancé, his life had depended on that strength and he'd known it. He'd been so relieved to find them both tangled together at the top of the cliff rather than the bottom, and everything that had happened had caught up to him.

Wolfram had told him it was okay. He'd insulted him shortly after that, but in that one moment, they'd shared something, and Yuuri hadn't really taken it out to take a look at it before now.

Yuuri didn't know what in Wolfram's subconscious had him crying softly in his sleep now, but there was no way he could roll over and close his eyes now. Wolfram was more trouble than he was worth, and he'd end up with a black eye with his luck, but then that was a risk he took every night.

Yuuri pulled back the blankets, crawled under them, and wrapped his arm around Wolfram. It was terribly uncomfortable with Wolfram's knees jammed up against his stomach, but it was the only way to get close enough to rub Wolfram's back, and he had to slip his arm under Wolfram's to manage even that.

He was no stranger to sleeping with his body contorted into strange positions, though, and when Wolfram's breathing stopped hitching and evened out into slow snores, Yuuri's eyes grew heavy. He should really move back over to his side of the bed now, he told himself, and he would, he added drowsily, his mouth opening wide in a silent yawn.

Any second now.
Tags: kyou kara maou, yuuri/wolfram
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