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Counting Sheep, KKM, Wolfram/Yuuri, for stagesoflove

Title: Counting Sheep
Author: Ellie Biel
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters/pairing: Wolfram von Bielefeld/Yuuri Shibuya
Rating: PG
Warnings: spoilers for episodes through the mid to late 60s and 70s
Notes: Written for stagesoflove Five Senses - hearing

Part 1: More Than He Needed to Know

Yuuri had spent many a night thinking he'd sleep more peacefully if he took his pillows and a blanket to the floor, but having found himself there by morning more times than he'd like to count he knew it wasn't very comfortable. The alternative was only marginally better; Wolfram was not an easy person to share a bed with. If he wasn't hogging the blankets or kicking and punching in his sleep, he'd randomly mutter "wimp" in his sleep followed by the loudest snoring Yuuri had ever heard in his life.

Granted, he'd never slept in such close quarters with anyone else but he suspected he'd be able to hear Wolfram even if he was in the next room. He should have been surprised that someone as pretty as Wolfram sounded like a cross between an angry bear and a chainsaw while he slept, but he'd been on the receiving end of Wolfram's sharp tongue enough when he was awake that Yuuri couldn't imagine anything else that Wolfram should have sounded like.

Tonight, just like all those other nights, it was Wolfram's fault he couldn't sleep.

Yuuri sat up and fluffed his pillow again, and then pulled the blankets up to his chin and turned his back to Wolfram's side of the bed. He could try counting sheep, he supposed, and began imagining a long line of them, all looking like T-Zhou, hopping over a pile of logs. One, he counted mentally. Two.

With each number, the sheep in his head gave an answering bleat to indicate they'd been counted, and that worked up until he got to fifteen and he could hear Wolfram's voice scornfully informing him that cats went "baa". The line of sheep suddenly transformed into sleek white Siamese, each one gracefully leaping over the logs and pausing to clean itself fastidiously before blinking at him owlishly.

Yuuri opened his eyes and looked around the room, half-expecting to see an endless sea of bright emerald gems staring back at him and shooting green sparks. He flung the covers off and flopped over onto his other side. He pulled his pillow over his head and tucked his knees up to his chest, then straightened them out, only to curl back into the fetal position not thirty seconds later.

He grabbed a second pillow and held one over each ear, squeezing tightly to block out all sound. If this continued, he thought he might have to start going to bed with a pair of earmuffs, and maybe a beauty mask to keep the moonlight from outside from shining in his eyes.

Somewhere beyond his window, a horse whinnied, but Yuuri didn't hear it. He should have been glad, tap dancingly overjoyed, that he had the bed to himself, that for reasons unknown Wolfram had suddenly started staying in his own chambers, but the only thing Yuuri was aware of was how deafening the silence in this room was.
Tags: kyou kara maou, yuuri/wolfram
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