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More Than He Needed to Know, KKM, for stagesoflove

Title: More Than He Needed to Know
Author: Ellie Biel
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters/pairing: Yuuri Shibuya/Wolfram von Bielefeld
Format: 250-500 word ficlet
Rating: PG
Warning: spoilers for one of the episodes in the 50s/60s
Notes: Written for stagesoflove - sight

The first time Yuuri met Wolfram, he'd been struck more by his undeniable good looks than by the arrogant manner in which he'd looked down his nose. No matter how much Wolfram angered him or nagged him, he couldn't deny that Wolfram was attractive. It was more than just the tousled blond locks and vivid green eyes, although looking so much like the former maou didn't hurt. The first time Yuuri had discovered Wolfram suffered from seasickness, when he and Konrad had left him to consider the consequences of rashly sneaking onboard to follow them, he'd been surprised at the attention of the women seeking a dance with him. If he'd been less concerned about being mauled, he'd have been stunned to hear Konrad's simple explanation that here, they found him attractive.

It wasn't fair that he didn't suffer the same sort of attention back on earth.

Wolfram had said the same not long after, all traces of an upset stomach gone as he crouched in the closet alongside him, and Yuuri had heard his own voice express a similar opinion about the blond's good looks.

He'd seen Wolfram in his smart blue uniform, in what Yuuri came to think of as his adventuring garb, and even without a stitch of clothing on - the latter much against his will. If Yuuri had had any doubts about Wolfram's strength they were put to rest the day he'd fought uselessly against a determined Wolfram in the bath. He'd had to squeeze his eyes shut to avoid seeing more of Wolfram than his smooth chest and muscled arms.

Most of the time, however, when he was with Wolfram, he was able to put aside the fact that Wolfram was far too pretty to be a man, because he was loud and obnoxious, and that wasn't even counting the jealous tirades and chokeholds. Wolfram might be able to get away with that sort of behavior with most people because of his looks, but they weren't in the precarious position of having every conversation viewed as an act of infidelity.

For crying out loud, Wolfram was going to drive him insane, the way he held onto their engagement like a dog with a bone. Yuuri hadn't even realized just how serious Wolfram was taking it until they'd gone off in search of Morgif and Wolfram had refused to call it off. He'd been adamant about it and had stormed off, only to shut himself into the closet.

It should have amused Yuuri, but watching the door slam behind him, cutting him off from the sight of an enraged, and quite obviously offended, Wolfram, had taken him too much by surprise.

He would swear Wolfram did things like that just to torture him.

Now, though, all he could think see was how he'd failed in his attempt to rescue Wolfram, and when he turned his head he saw nothing more than what he usually did whenever they ended up onboard a ship; Wolfram heaving and in general looking miserable.

It was odd, having their roles reversed, but Yuuri didn't think about it, he just went over and knelt down behind Wolfram, placing his hand on his back and rubbing gently. He couldn't see if it made any difference to Wolfram, but the fact that for just a second, he could feel the tense muscles beneath his hand relax, told him more than he needed to know.
Tags: kyou kara maou, yuuri/wolfram
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