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Whispering into the void =)

I know that LiveJournal is a ghost town, but I needed to post because I have recently unpacked my Kyou Kara Maou DVDs and have binge watched the first two seasons. It inspired me to start copying my fanfiction to AO3, even though it was all written during and up to the end of Season 2.

I had no luck a few years ago finding Season 3 or the OVAs, but after seeing episode 78 again, I did another search for them. This time I was successful in locating both thanks to eBay and Target, of all places!

Wolfram will forever be my favorite, but I've just watched episode 89 (twice!). Gwendal and Anissina was always a favorite pairing of mine, but they are now a firm OTP.

I'm still not a fan of Konrad, but for Yozak's sake, I will do my best to tolerate him.
Wolfram casual clothes

In Sync, Gundam Wing, for gw500

Title: In Sync
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters/pairing: Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell
Warnings: AU, angst, past 2xOC
Notes: Originally intended as a response to gw500 challenge 124 - What If, and a conclusion to my angsty Heero and Duo fic series, but that was an entire decade ago. An entire decade, oh my!

I don't think anyone is left on LJ anymore, and anyone who was ever hoping for this conclusion is probably long gone, but all my in-progress fics were lost in a computer hard drive crash years ago, and by the time I was up and running again, other things in my life had come first.
I don't remember exactly how I'd meant to end this, and it has been more than ten years since I left them hanging, but I needed to finish it. Hopefully it isn't terribly uneven as a result.

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Wolfram casual clothes

Book 7

It's finally safe to venture back online now that I've finished Deathly Hallows. I am so glad I waited since one of the first posts I saw was full of spoilers without courtesy of an lj-cut.

I need to let it sink in a while and perhaps reread some sections before I share my thoughts, but anyone else who's read it, what did you think?

I do think I'd still like to see the Order of the Phoenix movie this summer (since I enjoy both the books and the movies).

If there are any comments to this entry, please consider the likely possibility of spoilers for the last book!

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I've been mostly missing in action from LJ, but I saw this and thought I'd do it for the months when I did post. Some months were mostly fanfiction posts so it took a while to find ones that weren't!

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Later today I shall have to go through the Ouran ficlet I posted last night and edit, but I know if I'd done that last night I'd have forgotten it completely and never posted it. I'd dearly love to sit and work on some of the drabbles and ficlets I owe everyone, but this time of year isn't terribly conducive to long stretches of free time.
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A-Rod zomg squee

Ouran, baseball, and memes

I had written out a few thoughts on Ouran High School Host Club, but after sleeping on it last night and skimming my flist today, I thought perhaps my lack of enthusiasm about it and thoughts on what didn't work for me might come across as offensive, so I thought it would be best to take them out.

regina_sama - Despite all that, I haven't forgotten your Tamaki/Haruhi request and I'll get to it, I promise!

I probably shouldn't be rooting for a team that has made it to the World Series so often, but Go, A-Rod!

Donald Trump looks terribly out of place sitting in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. He seems bored.

I feel that I am only posting to blather on about something trivial and to post memes, so I must uphold that tradition. These two are the interactive kind for anyone interested, and don't worry, I've not forgotten the rest of the drabbles I owe everyone from the Babelfish meme!

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Jeter's up!

Oh, my, I'll be doing this all night at this rate. Go, Giambi!!! Home run!
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