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Book 7

Book 7

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It's finally safe to venture back online now that I've finished Deathly Hallows. I am so glad I waited since one of the first posts I saw was full of spoilers without courtesy of an lj-cut.

I need to let it sink in a while and perhaps reread some sections before I share my thoughts, but anyone else who's read it, what did you think?

I do think I'd still like to see the Order of the Phoenix movie this summer (since I enjoy both the books and the movies).

If there are any comments to this entry, please consider the likely possibility of spoilers for the last book!

I have so many things I want to say about Snape, who was one of my favorite characters, but the thing that I really found intriguing, and surprising, was that Aunt Petunia wanted to go to Hogwarts, too!
  • Hey there. Moving over from Hostile's lj in case I get spammy... as I can do sometimes, hope you don't mind.

    Once again she wrote a book I got deeply involved with I have to admit. There were a lot of things that I found heartrending and shocking. I was devastated when she killed off Hedwig! Just shot down while sitting in her cage, ignoring Harry. She wasn't even doing anything. It seemed such a pointless way to die somehow.

    But it did set the tone for the rest of the book.

    I agree with you that Aunt Petunia wanting to go to Hogwarts was a very interesting twist. I can understand it too and I would dearly love to know what Dumbledore said to her in reply to her letter. I was half expecting her to actually be a witch but be afraid of the powers and refuse to go to the school, but I guess we saw what happens in that case with Ariana.
    • I loved that while Dumbledore's past wasn't as admirable as one would have thought, it made him, much like Snape, all the more a hero for it, because he learned from the sins of his past.

      I thought it was very fitting that he and Snape worked together, coming from such different backgrounds, and if Snape could have gone the route of Tom Riddle in hatred, Albus Dumbledore very much could have let his quest for power go to his head much more than it did.

      The difference really was love, I think, to put a short label on it, but you know, I shouldn't admit this, but it makes me think this is why I adore Harry/Draco as a slash pairing - although Malfoy wasn't really fleshed out as much as I'd have liked to have seen (as someone on Lish's LJ said, we see them through Harry's eyes, but Rowling obviously didn't care to give Malfoy any sort of redemption more than a lack of doing something).

      My point was that I think on a small scale you could say much of the same thing about Harry/Draco as you could about Dumbledore/Snape and I'd almost like to read the latter, I think, if done by a writer who wasn't writing it as crack fic.

      I completely agree about Hedwig and everyone I've spoken to so far today offline has been upset about that. Remember Harry pushing the nut bars into her cage and falling with a solid thud? It was, I think, a foreshadowing and makes it that much more depressing.

      I had a feeling that either Snape or Malfoy would be killed off but was hoping it wouldn't be both.

      Tonks was no loss, as far as I'm concerned.
      • A lot of things about Dumbledore make sense now. He's always been raised up on a pedestal by Harry in the past and so he's seemed to be something not quite real. The man with all the answers, all the time. It was refreshing to actually see a man in this book. Someone who was selfish and made mistakes and regretted them the rest of his life.

        I felt for him when Harry realised what it was that Dumbledore was actually seeing in the mirror of Erised and how it mirrored, if you'll forgive the pun, what he saw himself.

        Draco's lack of redemption is definitely a sore point. I would have liked to have seen something with Draco at least standing up for himself at some point, or working with Harry, or even at the end perhaps going against his family a little by "babysitting" his now orphaned nephew. lets not get into the fact that no one seems to have brought this child up.

        Hedwig I can't understand. Unless Rowling decided that having an owl meant that they could communicate with the outside world a lot easier and she didn't want that so she killed her off. There just seemed to be no reason for Hedwig to die.

        I couldn't agree with you more about Tonks. She's grated on my last nerve since her first Wotcha Harry and I never really felt the relationship between her and Remus. Again, lets not mention the fact that Harry yells at Remus to get him to go home because 'a parent shouldn't leave a child unless its necessary' and then they both go and abandon the poor kid to add a measly two to the numbers.
        • Here's what gets to me. Compare Tonks to Lily. Lily, for love of her son, sacrifices herself to save him. Tonks, while in theory she did it for love of her son and all of man and wizardkind, and for love of her husband, just came on the scene like a bat out of hell, too bright and too much of a contrast to a story already rich in characters. I wanted to like her, but I just never really felt for her like I did for Sirius (who was a jerk himself) or Snape or Lupin.

          The deaths that hit me the hardest were Snape, Fred Weasley, Lupin, and Hedwig. I will add that I was very happy to see Percy come back to the Weasley clan and for Molly to kick more than a little ass as she faced off against Bellatrix.
          • I've never watched the films so perhaps I'd like her in those, but the Tonks I see is a teenager who chews gum and has weird hair and speaks with a cockney accent, and somehow I've never managed to turn her from that into someone who was mature enough to even have a romantic relationship, let alone get married and have a child.

            Fred was devastating, as was Snape. I couldn't think of a worse way to go than the way Snape died and I admit I was pleased that his true scheme was revealed to Voldemort before the grand showdown. It vindicated him a lot.

            I did hope that he'd have a portrait in the headmaster's office though. Of all the headmaster's there I'd have said he was the one who deserved it the most.

            lol Molly kicked ass. just a shame Ginny lived
            • Oh my gosh you are so right about the headmaster's office, and I agree with the Ginny comment, but you know that the so-called love of Harry's life wouldn't die. I half expected Ron to die so I was glad he didn't, but I'd have gladly traded Ginny for Fred.

              When did we first get introduced to Tonks? Was it GoF or OotP? If the latter then I've yet to see her on film.

              I think Luna would have been a much better match for Harry. I know canonwise it wouldn't be Draco Malfoy, but at least I have fanfiction for that.
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