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I just run out of things to say

American Idol speculation

American Idol speculation

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Chris Daughtry arm

As much as I think Sanjaya is the cutest thing ever, I heard potential in his voice during his audition that's been missing in the last two shows, and I think he needs some time to find his niche. I'm not sure he'll be going home yet, garnering a good portion of the teen vote, but he hasn't been delivering. I'm glad that I was wrong about his song choice - I expected, with the outfit, to hear a Michael Jackson tune (although I'm not even sure if AI has the rights to his music). That would have drawn all sorts of comparisons.

I love Brandon Rogers (not as much as Blake Lewis or the two Chris'), but the voice that won me over up until now wasn't there during Time After Time.

Nick Pedro delivered another boring song but I enjoyed AJ this week and although I suspect he may be going home, not having a solid fanbase, I'd like to see him around at least another week.

It's been difficult for me to narrow down my favorites, but for the Top Six guys I'd like to see Blake, Brandon, Chris R, Chris S, Phil (which surprised me, because initially I didn't think he was that good) and A.J. I think Sundance will make it, however, so A.J. will be missed - just when I started to see a charming personality.

The women - I think Antonella should go home. This week was just as bad as last and I think her looks, the drama created by the show with her making and her BFF not making it, and the lewd and suggestive photos, real and photoshopped, will carry her far.

I'd like to see Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin and Stephanie make it. Gina's disappointed me - I thought she would be much better but her voice just doesn't grab me the way Jordin's does.

So my prediction for who is going home will be Alaina and Haley - I think Gina and Leslie have enough of a fanbase to keep them going a while but I see nothing from Alaina and Haley to carry them another week.

It looks like I'm going to have to start checking out the americanidol community again. =)
  • I liked American idol a lot this season ^^ What did you think of how it ended?

    ...It's been awhile since I heard from you, hope everything is going okay o_o *hugs* ♥ Best of wishes X3
    • Things have been incredibly busy!

      I wasn't at all surprised with how AI ended this season. I'd have liked Blake to win but I had no illusions that he actually would.

      And I've just finished Deathly Hallows, so it's safe to go online again!

      How have you been?
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