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I just run out of things to say

ABCs of Fanfiction Titles =)

ABCs of Fanfiction Titles =)

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in the eye of the beholder

AApple of My Eye (1+2, GW, AU, part 7 in 7snogs series)
BBelgian Waffles (1x2, GW, part 3 in unfinished gw500 series)
CCupid Used His Fists (Wolfram/Yuuri, KKM, part 1 of stagesoflove series)
DDangerous Impulse (Wolfram/Yuuri, KKM)
EEnough (6+9, GW, drabble)
FFrozen (1x2, GW, part 4 in unfinished gw500 series)
GGiraffe on Fire (1+2, GW, part 4 in 7snogs series)
HHome Cooking (Hube/Nicola, KKM, part 5 in stagesoflove series)
IIt Blossomed Late in Spring (Wolfram/Yuuri lemon, KKM)
JJust Like the First Time (Wolfram/Yuuri, KKM)
KKids (1+2, GW chibi fluff)
LLike the Cheshire Cat (Gwendal-centric, KKM)
MMatter of Taste, A (1+2, GW)
NNight Flowers, (Wolfram/Yuuri, KKM, sequel to Dangerous Impulse)
PPeanuts and Cracker Jacks (Wolfram/Yuuri, KKM AU)
QQuake (Wolfram/Yuuri, KKM, part 2 of stagesoflove: Elements series)
RRose Petals (vague, barely there Tamaki/Haruhi, Ouran)
SShuttlecock (1+2, GW, part 1 of stagesoflove: Colors series)
TUnsheathing the Sword (Wolfram/Yuuri, KKM, part 3 of stagesoflove series)
WWiegenlied (Yuuri-centric, KKM)
YYellow (1x2, GW, part 2 of unfinished gw500 series)
ZZen Pizza (1+2, GW, AU, part 2 of stagesoflove series)

I was certain I'd be missing far more letters than that!

  • i was a little surprised i didn't have more missing as well. some of these titles make me think you need to write more. ;) cause i still want to find out what happens in yellow!
    • I do plan on finishing it - I still owe Heero and Duo a little more than where I left them in Motion Sickness.

      I've tried to keep it consistent with using gw500 themes but I couldn't find one that fit, and then there was that summer theme that excluded this little series as the prompts for that month didn't seem to allow for anything taking place outside the 49 episodes, and other than Zechs and Noin, I prefer writing AUs for GW that have nothing to do with Gundams, wars, or political intrigue. (I sometimes believe I'm the only one who found the storyline of Gundam Wing tedious and boring.)

      Then it was summer. =)

      I do want to resolve things between them, though, so thank you for nudging me to do so!
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